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About Our Taxidermist, Robert Mitchell

Professionalism and family pride are the driving forces behind everything we do for our customers at Clarksville Processing & Taxidermy. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service on each project we complete so that you can feel like a valued member of our family. When you want outstanding and reliable service for processing and taxidermy in Clarksville, AR, we’re ready to help.
Robert has been practicing taxidermy for more than 40 years. It’s a skill he learned by studying with award-winning taxidermist David Jones at the Texas Taxidermy Association. Robert opened his first shop in 1998 here in Clarksville and followed that with a second one in 2000 in Freer, TX.
Robert ran his processing and taxidermy shop in Freer for several years, even after moving back to Arkansas. He would spend the three months of deer season in Texas doing meat processing and taxidermy projects. For the remainder of the year, he worked in Arkansas.
Robert finally moved the business back to Arkansas and worked full-time at the Tyson truck stop while doing taxidermy from home. He’s now devoting all his time to his business with a brand-new taxidermy and processing shop here in Clarksville.